Goal Setting Articles

How to Know if Your Project Was Effective

No matter what your profession, you have projects. Projects are larger-scale tasks/initiatives that gather multiple people with a myriad of steps to accomplish something of

16 Daily Success Habits

I queried my coaching clients last month for the habits they do every day in order to have a better chance at a typical day

18 Agile Actions I Took in 2020

I just finished my annual planning day, and am very excited to share with you some reflections about how I adjusted to this crazy year,

How to Plan Fantastic Fridays

If you are like most workers, you look forward to Fridays. Some people have chosen to intentionally set aside Fridays for one big activity every

Vision: From Person to Paper to People

Without a process, cool visions are only daydreams that “die on the vine”. And you gravitate back “the way things always are.” How does a

Boundaries and Habits are Like Weed Tarp

In this COVID year, I have heard dozens of stories about how well my clients’ gardens and yards are doing–since they’ve been tele-working and using

Planning Your Personal Retreat Day

Personal retreat days are pivotal for you to invest in yourself and your future. You give yourself the gift of solitude time to be able

What Adversity Can Lead To

While hiking our highest “peak” of our local “mountain” a couple weeks ago, I reflected on how, while it was difficult going uphill for cardio-vascular

As a Leader, You are Accountable

“As the boss, you have the freedom to act; it also means you are accountable for results,” declares Alan Randolph. Andy Stanley stood up in

How to Get Out of a Rut

Golf courses try to keep their grounds looking as pristine as possible. But golf CARTS can be an enemy to this goal because of how

Stretchin’ Like a Rubber Band

Are you comfortable? I don’t mean in the chair in which you are reading this blog. I mean, in life and in your job. The

No More “Settling-For”

What are you just “living with” that is distracting you from becoming the best version of yourself? About what are you saying, “It is what

6 Keys to Your Career Path

No one is in charge of your career path except you. There are too many variables, and you are too unique for anyone to script

6 Ways to Better Handle Change

Most people dislike change and prefer their comfort zones and routines, where they have control over their lives for the most part. But sometimes, change

Culture Drives Your Business

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