by Paul Casey

Vision: From Person to Paper to People

Without a process, cool visions are only daydreams that “die on the vine”. And you gravitate back “the way things always are.” How does a vision of a better life or business or team or strategy get from idea into implementation?

  1. Formulate the vision. Take the time necessary to ruminate on The Golden Tomorrow, or the future state that is better than the one you are in now. Don’t put limitations on yourself or the team; just brainstorm what it could look like, “humming on all cylinders.” You most likely have to carve out “think time” away from where you typically do your work so that your perspective can be open and clear of distractions–and you must not let that “think time” get bumped on your calendar! Breakthroughs emerge in solitude. Meditate/pray/breathe deeply for a bit to settle yourself; play your favorite music; get comfortable. If you are a visual learner, write on a white board or flip chart. And, yes, think bigger than you would normally. If you shoot for the moon, you’ll end up in the stars, right? Wrestle with the big WHY you would pursue this vision because it will have to big enough to escape the complacency you are in now–and pull you (and your team) toward it.
  2. Get the vision on paper. There is something about writing (or typing) a concept or goal down on paper that begins to make it real, not just a wish. You must have a strawman–then you can iterate off it, making it better or clearer or more realistic for goal-setting. The format can be an Idea Map with the vision in a circle in the middle of a diagram, and its main elements (or rationale) in circles or lines emanating from the center. Post the paper somewhere that you will see it regularly. There’s a good chance you’ll add things to it, and the more you’ll get excited about it, the more you look at it.
  3. Broadcast the vision to others. If it’s a personal vision, find some success partners (family, friends, colleagues) with whom to share your vision–and the WHY behind it. Ask them if you simply want them to listen or to help you shape your vision.  If it’s a company or department vision, start sharing strategically with your core team to see if your vision compels them to want to know more; at that level, you can start working the bugs out before telling the whole group. By “letting the cat out of the bag”, you start releasing the power of the group: people sharing their resources (ideas, manpower, connections, experience) to help you make that vision happen. And, it’s good accountability for making progress, too! It’s amazing how you start leaning into the vision once you’ve written it down and shared it aloud.

Ok, so, When will you carve out time to craft a vision? Where will you document what you dream about? And who will you share it with, to kick it into gear? And, yes, I’m happy to be one of those people you can share your vision with so that I can cheerlead you toward it! Shoot me an email at

And, speaking of vision, my 2020 book came out as COVID happened, and it’s all about Vision crafting, casting, and carrying. Leading with Super-Vision can be purchased at


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