Goal Setting Articles

6 Ways to Work at Your Optimal Level

Know your strengths/passions (the things that make you come/feel alive) and spend most of your time in line with them. Or, to jumpstart a dull

2 Choices When Encountering Resistance

So, I was biking over the weekend. One direction, I clipped along effortlessly because the wind was at my back, assisting my progress. But, of course,

Have You Made a Vision Board?

Hey, I wouldn’t be a coach if I didn’t talk about a vision board, right? You might have heard of these visual tools for dreaming

So, I Have This Habit…

Do you want to break a bad habit? You know, the one that you feel ashamed about, the one you wouldn’t post on Facebook or

Always Be __________ing

If you have ever been in sales, the common saying is “Always be closing”, or always be thinking about making the ask and trying to

You are at the Halfway Point of 2015

So, how was your first half of 2015? Take stock on your wins for the past six months and write down wherever you moved the ball forward in any area of your life, business, and relationships. What contributed to that success?

Above All, Try Something!

The title of this post is a quote from Roosevelt that comes from a Facebook graphic that I saw the other day, and it reminded

What Do You Stand For?

“Conviction” is a word best described as “what you stand for” in your life. We all have them, and they drive our behaviors in all