grow forward today podcast

The Grow Forward Today podcast is about inspiring you with practical mindsets, toolsets, and skillsets to grow forward on your personal leadership development journey.

The podcast aligns with Growing Forward Service’s vision statement: to kick-start and inspire the leader inside everyone to exponentially grow in their skills, intentionally live by their values and passionately make a greater difference in the world.

Whether it’s through solo hosted episodes or expert guest interview episodes, one growth proficiency will be discussed in a way that lends itself to doable action steps for instant application. You’ll hear topics from living from your core values to how to initiate difficult conversations to maintaining solid boundaries to energy management to get your most important priorities accomplished.

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  1. Enjoy a mention and description of your company’s products/services, and how it links to personal leadership development, on each sponsored episode of GFT. This can be either weekly or monthly, with the goal to distinguish yourself as a provider of products or services for Grow Forward Today listeners. For your convenience, we can pre-record messages that will be added to each episode–or Paul can read your commercial to give it his stamp of
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