Leading the Team You've Always Wanted:

11 Inspirational Actions to Build Your Dream Team

When you come to work each morning or you walk into that meeting room and see the team you’ve been appointed to lead, does it give you a positive feeling because of the unity, camaraderie, and the ‘can do’ spirit that you normally experience? Or is it a ‘meh’ feeling… because of an ‘its the way it always is’ feeling or simply silos that gather without meaningful connections that lead to so-so productivity towards your vision for excellence? My book, Leading the Team You’ve Always Wanted: 11 Inspirational Actions to Build Your Dream Team will help you to meld that
group of yours into a true team!

You’ll hear action steps like learning the individuality of team embers, mixing up the routine, positively reinforcing team-like behavior, and correcting off-course behaviors that detract from team unity. It’s a very practical book chalked full of suggestions that
you can begin implementing immediately after making the decision to truly be the team leader.

You’ll enjoy such benefits from the application of leading the team you always wanted. There will be more synergy, innovation, sharing of the load of leadership, more people development, and you’ll actually start to look forward to meetings with your
people more than ever before. Buy it today and take your leadership to the next level!

There isn’t a team that could not benefit from the concepts and practices detailed in this book.

– Joe Estey

What a great “handbook” for leadership! Most of the quick examples and ideas are easily implemented for my teams, so each can become an engaged member, and we can now leverage their combined momentum to progress forward to meet our goals.

– Roberta Burbank

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