by Paul Casey

8 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Get Going on Goals

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January 20, 2022 | Originally posted on September 10, 2016 

We set goals because at a certain point in time we decide we want to achieve something, fulfill a dream, or improve in some way. However, if you are like me, after a certain amount of time goes by, you may find yourself unmotivated, uninspired, or challenged–which keeps you from succeeding or meeting the goal that was so important to you.

We all experience this lack of motivation from time to time–even if it’s related to something we said we really wanted. What is it that takes you off track, and what can you do to keep yourself motivated? There are several things that can impact your motivation and the achievement of the goals you set. The good news is: they are all within your control.

Once you know and understand tips for creating goals that stick, and the key aspects of motivation, you will be on your way to greatness.


Self-motivation refers to that inner drive to achieve and improve your commitment to your goals. One thing that often gets in the way of motivation is when you internalize external pressure or feedback and connect your performance to your self-esteem and ego. When your self-esteem and ego are wrapped up in your performance, negative feelings about yourself can hinder your ability to reach goals and move forward in life. When you find yourself feeling unmotivated to accomplish a goal, try to notice if you feel pressured and acknowledge where the pressure is coming from. The key is to not be hard on yourself. Give yourself some grace and try these eight tips for getting motivated.


  1. Establish the WHY for doing it. Envision the result of taking the action. It MUST be better than the excuses for “staying here.”

  2. Keep that WHY in front of you and speak it aloud until you are in motion.
  1. Figure out the first, smallest step to take in the direction of your goal. Break overwhelming tasks into doable chunks of short time-spurts.

  2. Convince yourself of the negative consequences of NOT taking action. Do you really want to procrastinate and increase your stress or miss the potential opportunity?

  3. Get accountability to hit the go-button. Make sure there is someone to whom you must report back, to let them know you got started (or that you didn’t).

  4. Build momentum by getting everything prepared to begin: office supplies, clothing, folders, opened computer file–so that you lean into the project.

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  1. Lock in the specific time that you will do it and lock out the distractions that would de-rail you. You may have to isolate yourself from people and technology notifications. Overestimate the time it will take so that you don’t feel the pressure.

  2. Plan your reward for when you finish today’s task. This could be the simple satisfaction of checking an item off your list, reviewing your progress – how far you’ve come and how much closer you are – or actually congratulating yourself for taking a step forward. The positive feedback you give yourself will make taking the next step or action that much easier.


It’s natural for motivation to ebb and flow. Revisit these tips when you need to get yourself and your goals back on track. Keep the positive result of reaching your goal out in front and remember to give yourself some grace when you are struggling. Need help “getting off the dime” with some accountability from a coach who cares about your success? That’s me! Give me a holler and we’ll get an exploratory coaching session set up. No more “standing still” on your goal. Let’s get moving!


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