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If you are a business or organizational leader, in Group Coaching, you will learn how to build your leadership pipeline and have in place a succession plan that instills confidence in your organization. From these Group Coaching sessions, you will be empowered to develop the next-generation leaders in your organization.

Group Coaching will equip your managers to develop into high performers in your organization as you watch their potential for growth soar.

Group Coaching is for Managers Who Want to Build Their Leadership Skills

Group Coaching is for your managers who want to foster leadership skills within your company or organization.  Ideally, Group Coaching is most suitable for your organization if you have three or four managers with the same level of responsibility. These high-potential employees should be committed to personal and professional development and dedicated to the next level in their leadership.

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Develop Leadership Proficiencies & Opportunities for Growth!

Enable Opportunities for Growth

Group Coaching features self-assessments that build awareness and personal development plans that address opportunities for growth in your company or organization. These self-assessments are designed to help your managers grow professionally and personally.

Develop Leadership Proficiencies

Your managers will greatly benefit from discussions that are designed to develop one leadership proficiency for every session held during Group Coaching.  These sessions include:  Conflict Resolution, Avoiding Burnout, Communication Skills, etc.

Learn Effective Ways to Resolve Challenging Situations at Work

Group Coaching offers peer coaching that addresses difficult situations that managers are encountering within your organization.  Your managers will learn how to identify workable and applicable solutions to problems at your workplace. This will build camaraderie, confidence, and new skills for the group members.  All of this will lead to a more productive and harmonious work environment for your organization.

Setting and Meeting Ambitious Goals

Group Coaching will include goal setting for the weeks ahead, as well as celebrations of goals achieved. You will identify three work-related goals in addition to one personal goal. These goal-setting practices will empower your managers to achieve more and stay on target.

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Invest in Your Team and Organization

We encourage leaders of companies and organizations to sign up their managers for Group Coaching and see how far they can go in developing traits and implementing practices that result in high-caliber leadership skills that could lead to real growth and greater productivity.
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