Grow from within through targeted leadership development

For a fifth the cost of hiring a new employee, you can rest easy knowing who you promote from within is equipped to succeed.

Often businesses ignore the data showing workplace culture, employee desire for training, and opportunities for advancement as the reason behind the phenomenon of quiet quitting. Address the quiet quitting by meeting their needs!

Train up your next generation of leaders. Give them a sense of belonging and ownership.

Introducing Leader Launcher, the Tri-Cities first choice for leadership development!

Leader Launcher provides:

🗓️ Monthly skills development
⌚ Two hours of time with peers and other high achievers
🏗️ The structure you need to fill the gap in your employee development

Meeting Logistics:

Leader Launchers meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 3 – 5pm. 
Join us at Coldwell Banker. Located at 8836 Gage Blvd #201b, Kennewick, WA 99336. 

Upcoming Leader Launcher Topics

September 12th

Reaching for Rock-Solid Relationships

What are the 5 relationships you need to keep strong? Once you’ve found those 5 types of relationships, how do you enhance them? 

November 14th

Burning Bright without Burning Out

What leads to burnout? Learn dozens of practical habits to keep you sharp in your leadership. 

October 10th

Crafting, Casting, and Carrying a Compelling Vision

Clarify where you’re leading your team. Share this destination with your team. Make it a part of your culture. 

December 12th

Communication Skills for Professionals

Be clear in your messaging. Be open to receiving what others communicate to you. 

Leader Launcher Mission:

To develop practical leadership skills and attitudes in early-to-mid-career professionals so they can add more value to their organizations and the Tri-Cities community.

Leader Launcher VISION:

All Tri-Cities young professionals understanding and mastering their leadership style, multiplying their positive impact to all who follow them.

Leader Launcher Gallery

Enroll Your Young & Emerging Leaders in Leader Launcher so You Can Develop Next-Generation Leaders for Your Team and Organization

If you have young and emerging leaders on your team or in your organization, and this includes early-to-mid-career professionals, you are encouraged to enroll them in Leader Launcher so they can fully understand and master their leadership style and make significant positive impacts at their workplace, while you develop the next generation of exceptional leaders.