by Paul Casey

Boundaries and Habits are Like Weed Tarp

In this COVID year, I have heard dozens of stories about how well my clients’ gardens and yards are doing–since they’ve been tele-working and using their non-work hours to do something therapeutic outside. I’m not the green thumb in my household, but I do know that wherever I did not originally put down quality weed tarp, the little buggers continually sprout up and need pulling. The barrier keeps them from reaching the light of day–and saves us a lot of work!

I heard a quote that said something like “Every garden will be invaded.” Whether it’s weeds or pests or animals or the effects of bad weather, our gardens do not stay pristine. They must be protected and pruned to keep them healthy and producing fruit.

Same with our lives. Whenever we try to live by our values, or stay true to our priorities, or pursue a stretch goal, we get invaded, too. Sometimes they are outside forces like people who are running the opposite direction or who are threatened by our progress, or by global pandemics and wildfires that discourage us. Sometimes it’s internal resistance that spring from a lack of energy due to poor self-care, or procrastination stemming from a lack of motivation or crippling self-talk.

We need weed tarps on our lives. We need boundaries and habits that prevent invaders from sabotaging our vision for a better life. Tarps could be:

  • A strong social network, composed of people who help us live the best version of ourselves.
  • A strong but respectful NO spoken to others out of a conviction to stay true to core values and direction.
  • A resolute avoidance of media that discourages, tears down, inflames, or distracts.
  • An adherence to time management habits that block out time for personal priorities and relationships.
  • A disciplined mind that shuts down negative thinking and replaces it with empowered thinking.
  • A dedication to self-care that keeps resistance to illness strong, and energy reserves high.

Which weed barrier do you need to lay down in your life?

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