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Get Your Company or Organization Experiencing the Best Team Health Exploration with Growing Forward Services

Leadership Coach and Trainer Paul Casey of Growing Forward Services offers in-depth, sit-down conversations with your teams and organizations to determine how your employees, direct reports, and managers are feeling about your organization, the culture, and workplace relationships.

Similar to an annual health check-in with a doctor, Paul conducts regular health check-ins with your organization’s teams to determine what is going well and what areas need improvement. He then recommends changes that should be made for the sake of your company’s or organization’s optimal health.

For organizations or companies that are short on time, your team leaders can book time with Paul so he can hold team health exploratory interviews with their teams. As an objective consultant, Paul is in an advantageous position to deliver relevant and meaningful insights to your teams that are meant to strengthen your operations.

During the 30-to-45-minute interviews, Paul will ask each teammate probing questions to reveal what they believe is working and which areas need to be reinforced. Everybody’s comments are considered confidential and anonymous, meaning no names will be attached to comments made during interviews. Paul’s goal is to provide a safe space for each teammate so they can share openly and transparently.

After the interviews are completed, Paul meets with team members and their leadership to share his recommendations that are based on his interview findings. He taps into his extensive experience working with other teams to offer recommendations designed to make your work culture more positive and to bring greater system efficiencies to your company or organization.

Team Leaders & Staff to Gain Significant Value from Paul’s Exploratory Interviews

If you are a business or organizational leader who wants to experience growth and operate more efficiently, then Paul’s Team Health Exploration is for you!

If you serve in a leadership capacity, you will want your direct reports and teams to enroll in our Team Health Exploration program so you can ensure heightened productivity and build positive relationships up and down the ranks of your organization.

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Experience Greater Unity & Enjoy a Healthier Workforce with Team Health Exploration

Your company or organization is sure to experience more unified and harmonious teams after going through Paul’s Team Health Exploration program. Your employees and managers will gain a fresh and insightful perspective on the health of your organization. The results of Paul’s exploratory interviews can pave the way for implementing system efficiencies that will lead to a better-run operation.

As a leader for your company or organization, you can use these proposed positive changes at the workplace to your advantage as you create people-focused strategic initiatives for the upcoming year. By doing this, you will ingrain these new initiatives that promote a healthier workforce into your organizational culture.

You will further benefit from Paul’s thoughtful recommendations by using this information to improve the culture at your company or organization so people feel more valued and respected.

When your work environment becomes more positive and your operation runs smoother, this can pave the way for growing profits.

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Invest in the Health & Well-being of Your Company or Organization

You are invited to register for Paul’s Team Health Exploration program so you can reap the benefits of a healthier and more productive workforce that are also supported by a positive work culture.

Make healthy teams a priority and allow Paul to help you make that happen!

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