by Paul Casey

No More “Settling-For”

What are you just “living with” that is distracting you from becoming the best version of yourself? About what are you saying, “It is what it is” too often? Sure, some things and other people’s decisions are truly out of your control, but you probably have more influence than you think on a great deal of your life circumstances.

When tempted to “settle for” and live life from a disappointed perspective:

1. Evaluate what you want more of, in that area of your life–be it a level of intimacy in a relationship, your current level of wellness, or your workload.  If you could snap your fingers, and it would be “ideal”, what would it look like?

2. Gather the courage to do something about it. Establish a big enough WHY that will drive you through the expected resistance that will come against any efforts to change the status quo. Write it down;, look at it daily. Be clear that if you do nothing, where will you end up five years from now?

3. Make a list of baby steps you can take that will pull you out of this ‘unhappy normal’ and will get you closer to your ideal future state of thriving.  Choose one or two of the easiest ones to do this week to get momentum going–you are planning on knocking over the lead domino and getting quick wins.

4.  Stick those actions in your schedule if they are tasks, or make a script of main talking points if it’s a crucial conversation.

When tempted to settle-for and live life from a disappointed perspective, rekindle your personal power with these tips, and you’ll keep Growing Forward! If you haven’t found me on Linkedin yet, search for Paul D. Casey and reach out for a connection. Or on


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