Leading with Super-Vision

Leading with Super-Vision is an essential leadership development skill that all leaders need to have. The book starts out by talking about crafting a compelling vision. You have to connect to that fire inside your belly as well as get to know your constituents around you so that you can match what they are feeling with the ultimate vision of your organization or your team to get buy-in.

The second section then talks about casting a compelling vision. That’s where you decide how you are going to get the word out about this vision that you are really excited about. You do that strategically with your inner circle and then you decide, I’m going to give this to the whole group during your next all-staff meeting, and then what are you going to do to light up and spread that passion to everybody else so they can catch that fire.

The third section of the book is about carrying that compelling vision. This is hard work because once you put it out there, what is going to change to make this actual vision happen. What behaviors are you going to require of your team members? What stories are you going to tell to keep adding another coal to that fire?

It’s a great leadership skill. I think vision and relationships are the top two leadership skills, and this book will give you some real practical tools for how to do that. Pick up your copy today and keep growing forward!

I loved reading this book. Paul does his homework and obviously reads…a lot! His work here is inspirational, relevant, and playfully humorous on a topic that is often treated as lofty and hard to grasp. Paul gives us clarity of vision and the steps toward great leadership in a measured approachable way that makes the work of becoming a better leader a lot more fun.

– Kathleen L.

Every leader needs a clear vision in order to succeed.  Paul’s book presents a clear and simple method for leaders to build and implement a compelling and infectious vision that enables teams to achieve the next level.

– Tim C.

Success happens when everyone is focused on the vision ~ Paul Casey. Love this! Paul succinctly and often humorously provides expert insight on the development, dissemination, and alignment of the team with vision. A timely tune-up as leaders continually need to refocus their focus and that of their team to achieve success.

– Michael N.

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