by Paul Casey

6 Ways to Better Handle Change

Most people dislike change and prefer their comfort zones and routines, where they have control over their lives for the most part. But sometimes, change is forced upon us by a person or circumstance, and we have no choice but to roll with it—or the consequences will be even more severe. Here are a few ways to better handle change:

  1. Get clarity on specifically what behaviors need to change. Vagueness of the target can often lead to overwhelm or paralysis. Ask questions until you have a clear picture.
  2. Keep your focus on what CAN be better on the other side of this change. Literally, make a list of the more favorable outcomes than what you are experiencing now. Stop focusing on the hassle of leaving your comfort zone and cease complaining about it out loud. You get more of what you focus upon.
  3. Start small, take it slow, but keep stepping forward. Rarely must you make radical change overnight. Just bite off one action step at a time until it becomes your new normal. Any kind of progress is a win.
  4. Schedule your new actions. What you calendar gets done. Carve out time for the goals set before you.
  5. Get accountability for taking courage. We all need cheerleaders to encourage us to keep getting up and taking action—and to poke us  politely when we stall or gravitate back to our default way of doing things.
  6. Celebrate short-term wins. With each baby step milestone accomplished, do something to reward yourself, to keep your outlook positive, that will keep the momentum going.

While you may not be thrilled at having to adjust your life to the new reality, by taking these steps within your control, you will get through it and Grow Forward! Contact me at to book a free 45-minute jump-start coaching session for your self-improvement!


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