by Paul Casey

6 Keys to Your Career Path

No one is in charge of your career path except you. There are too many variables, and you are too unique for anyone to script a cookie-cutter path for you to follow. However, you CAN identify a target position and brainstorm an often-changing route to get there—just remember to keep it flexible, alert for doors to open along the way. You can:

  • Identify people who are doing what you think you want to be doing in the future, and set up an informal chat with them.  Prepare questions to ask them that provide a panoramic view of their world in that position.
  • Hire a coach who can help you discover your personal mission and vision statement so that you are clear on who you are and what you want.  A coach has assessments you can take and questions you can answer to get more clarity on your present and future.
  • Broaden your network. It takes a little “work” to expand your “net” around people who are connectors and information-brokers. Imagine having a dozen of these opportunity-observers keeping their eyes out for what’s best for you.
  • Read current periodicals/blogs on success and personal growth. You will see trends emerging that match up with your interests, and hear from those creating the future, in both traditional and non-traditional ways.
  • Expand your skillset. Pursue one of your interests for professional development in an area that appears to be an emerging need with your colleagues. Get a certification or attend a seminar or get mentored.
  • Take a risk. Say YES to an opportunity that is on the same trajectory as the career path you are mapping. It may be out of your comfort zone, but stretching leads to growth–and people just may take note of your initiative.

These are just a few suggestions to being intentional about designing a career path that utilizes your strengths and leaves you fulfilled at the end of the day. You are destined to Grow Forward!  And if you want to schedule a free 45-minute coaching session to start becoming the best version of you, let’s do it! Contact me at



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