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Organizations don’t transform – people do.  Growing Forward Services with Paul Casey is looking for business or organizational leaders who have the desire to bring out the absolute best in their teams and organizations. Paul invites anyone interested to become the leader they truly want to be with Growing Forward Services with Paul Casey.

There is a 22% improvement in performance when you receive training. That jumps to 88% improvement when coaching follows up the training. When you are coached, there is a 77% increase in leadership skills, AND a 50% benefit to your effectiveness in your personal life! The average employee spends under an hour in training each month, but they report that they WANT training up to 2 hours per month. More than 60% of organizations report higher engagement among high-potential employees with access to coaching.

We Help Leaders and their Businesses Grow!

Thought Leaders, Coaches, Team Builders, Inspirational Speakers

Growing Forward Services is dedicated to elevating business professionals and growth-minded individuals who are dedicated to their careers and goals in order to be more successful in life. We are helping people cultivate the necessary skills and boosting their self-confidence so they are equipped and motivated to move forward and achieve their dreams!

From team-building events to management training seminars, we can help managers and their employees gain valuable insights into the traits of the world’s most successful leaders. This significant mindset shift has the potential to quickly help a person achieve the results they envision for their lives.

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Find Your Path to better leadership

1-on-1 Coaching

This innovative program is aimed at business and non-profit leaders of any profession who are ambitious and yearning to grow and are dedicated to tirelessly pursuing their dream vocational future and accomplishing this while adhering to their values, strengths, and passions.

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Team Building

Growing Forward Services with Paul Casey invites business and organizational leaders to take their teams to the next level. We work closely with clients to customize a creative and interactive experience that meets the teams’ needs and their business objectives.

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Leader Launcher

Leader Launcher is a new Tri-Cities leadership development experience for growth-minded, young professionals, as well as those aspiring to new leadership positions in their organizations.

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Julie M.

"Paul has encouraged me to stretch out of my comfort zone, strengthen my capabilities, and see a possible future that I had not previously seen."

Brandi H.

"Paul is skilled in the art of engaging and interacting with his audience. His discussion topics are well-researched and relevant to the group he is addressing."

Donni B.

"Paul has provided tools to help me be a better leader and manager. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who is interested in bettering themselves and moving to the next level personally and professionally."

Start Growing Forward Today!

Growing Forward Services can accommodate one-on-one coaching, or speak to a team or organization, and then tailor their experience to be a growth catalyst for any business or organizational leader. This transformative encounter promises to deliver tangible and applicable results that include regular encouragement, cultivated wisdom, leadership breakthroughs, greater focus, and a transformed vision!

Life Coach, Roddie Markel

Introducing Roddie Markel

Help us welcome our newest Life Coach!

Roddie brings a unique blend of physical, emotional, and pragmatic care to her coaching clients. She is a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach and Co-Author of the best selling book, “She’s A Boss: Inspiring Stories from Female Leaders Around the World.” 

4 minutes a month to ask yourself questions, see others giving back, and be inspired to grow a little bit more everyday. Directly in your inbox.

The first online course is here!

“Every morning I catch myself before I look at my phone. Paul’s description of “my priorities vs. other’s” was so insightful!” – Jessica M. 

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