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How to Know if Your Project Was Effective

No matter what your profession, you have projects. Projects are larger-scale tasks/initiatives that gather multiple people with a myriad of steps to accomplish something of

8 Things Not to Lose

We’ve all lost our keys or wallet or sunglasses a time or two, and we’ve either found them or replaced them. However, there are less

16 Daily Success Habits

I queried my coaching clients last month for the habits they do every day in order to have a better chance at a typical day

How to Plan Fantastic Fridays

If you are like most workers, you look forward to Fridays. Some people have chosen to intentionally set aside Fridays for one big activity every

What to do When You Feel Overwhelmed?

Overwhelmed? You know, that feeling of “emotional flooding” where your brain can’t wrap around all the things coming at you. I like to say that

Boundaries and Habits are Like Weed Tarp

In this COVID year, I have heard dozens of stories about how well my clients’ gardens and yards are doing–since they’ve been tele-working and using

What It Means to Have No-Quit Grit

To succeed in any industry, you must keep moving. It’s how good leaders become great leaders.  “The key to success is holding in your conscious

Your Big 5 Before Bed

“In conclusion…” Your day needs a grand finish, putting an exclamation point on it; AND, tomorrow needs a good set-up for success. Try these a

6 Productivity Stoppers

Clear these barriers away from the path to getting your work done! Notifications on devices: The constant ping of social media is a “squirrel” that

What a Weekly Review Can Do for You

In order to maintain forward progress through the year, you must keep your goals in front of you each week—and carve out a block of

Culture Drives Your Business

Where is yours headed?

Get a glimpse at your corporate culture with a free culture audit. Do your mission, vision, and values truly drive your organization?

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