by Paul Casey

Do You Need to Attend Delegation Anonymous?

I know!

  • It’s just easier and faster to do all the tasks yourself.
  • It probably won’t be done just like you’d do it.
  • You aren’t sure if he/she can handle it, or if it’d over-burden him/her with increased workload.
  • Every task is a reflection of you, and you are ultimately responsible.
  • (List your excuse here for not delegating like you need to.)


  • Delegation might be the only way out of your increasing to-do list.
  • Delegation develops people–and isn’t that one of your main duties as a leader? See my definition of leadership.
  • Delegation is multiplication of your influence in your organization.
  • Delegation develops humility in you, a vital trait in any leader.
  • (List another benefit for delegating that is critical for your/others’ success.)

As they say in step one of the 12-step programs: Realize your life has become unmanageable. Really connect to your inability to “get it all done” without a good team around you to assist.

You must not see the “hassles” of delegation as greater than the “stresses” of continuing your work life as a lone wolf.

Your shoulders just aren’t that broad to carry the whole load. 

View leadership as, not how much YOU can get done, but how much you can get done THROUGH OTHERS. That’s a paradigm shift.

This is such a foreign habit with some of my clients, that I have had to start asking them every session: What have you delegated since I last saw you? so that, with accountability, they start thinking about it every week.

Now I need to start asking the fearful delegators, after they released a task: Did the world end? What benefits did letting that task go have on you/them immediately or in the long run? Imagine the positive snowball effect to continue the delegation habit!

The “how” of delegation is another blog. Your belief will drive your behavior so that is why I start with your mindset.

Glance at your to-do list, paperwork pile, and email queue again. Now ask yourself, “Wouldn’t it be great to have some of that wiped off my radar?”

Hey, I’m the Calendar Coach, and want to help you Restore Sanity in your schedule (with delegation being just one of those solutions). If you’d like a copy of my Control My Calendar checklist, I’d love to start you on the journey of getting those goals accomplished that mean the most to you. Ping me at, and let’s get started!


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