by Paul Casey

Your Big 5 Before Bed

“In conclusion…” Your day needs a grand finish, putting an exclamation point on it; AND, tomorrow needs a good set-up for success. Try these a la carte options, or mix in your own, and then keep the streak going until it becomes a new positive habit for your success.

  1. Reading: Maybe you need a novel or book about history or a hobby to chill out, or maybe this is your only window of time for a professional development periodical.
  2. Exercise: Some people must slot in a workout at least a few hours before bedtime to settle back down, while others use some exercises to get their body the rest of the way to fatigue-induced sleep.
  3. Prep for tomorrow: Glance ahead at your schedule for the next day and determine what you will wear, what you will eat (snacks/meals), and to get a handle on your top priorities to accomplish (so you have a plan).
  4. Gratefulness: Whether you journal your blessings from the day, share them with your spouse, or thank God in prayer, gratitude ends the day with a smile.
  5. Therapeutic wind-down: Think Sudoku or Solitaire, looking at old pictures, doing a brain dump of your worries on paper,  or cuddle time with a loved one.

Just Say No: This one’s more of a not-to-do, but eliminate mindless habits that will spin your body/mind up AND hurt your sleep: eating within an hour of bedtime (especially junk food), viewing the blue light of your screens, inciting an argument, or anything else that does more harm than good.

What will your Big 5 Before Bed list look like? Be intentional about your day’s wrap-up, and sleep more soundly, ready to Grow Forward tomorrow!  Want me to do a calendar audit on your schedule? Contact me at or ping me through my contact page at


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