by Paul Casey

Your Morning Routine Defines You

OK, maybe that’s too strong a title. However, you can choose to intentionally start your day out in a way that matches or reinforces your values–or you can be unintentional by sleeping late, rushing around, and missing opportunities.

Here are a few ways I intentionally spend my mornings. After I shower, I read my Bible, because it’s my connection to God and His wisdom, my top priority. Then I read professionally for a while in a book or magazine, to keep sharp with my leadership development. Usually, I eat a protein breakfast (could work on this one) to start my metabolism going on the right track for personal wellness. I kiss my wife before leaving, to make a positive connection with her as my #1 human priority, even if she’s still sleeping. And I pray with my daughter on her way to school, to ask for God to bless her in her day.

When I enter my office each morning, I have a few rituals. I plug in my fountain, which reminds me that I need to be a living river of God’s love to those I will come in contact with this day. I water my 2 plants, which represent one of my values of growth. I go to my calendar and cross off yesterday, reminding me that the past is the past and today is a new opportunity. And I tear off the next one-a-day calendar’s humor cartoon, which gives me a laugh to begin my day positively.

Before you dive into the business of your day, what do you want to move up your priority list, in order to lock in one of your personal values?


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