by Paul Casey

Your Job; God’s Job

When your back is up against a wall and you pray and seek His help, God will make a way through the trial…Just be willing to do whatever you have to do–and that somehow, if you act, God will come to your assistance.”  –Cloud/Townsend

So, you are feeling down and out, or mowed over, and your feelings are all askew.  Step one: pray for God’s help–even before trying to solve the problem YOUR way. Step two: trust that you have a big God Who knows what’s best for you and He is springing into action on your behalf behind the scenes. Step three: Take action on whatever He reveals to you through the Bible or wise counsel, no matter how difficult it is. It’s sort of your part/His part thing. Trust like it all depends on Him, and do what you need to do as if it all depends on you. Two sides of the same “You will get through this!” coin.


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