by Paul Casey

You Are Writing Your Story

writing450Every day, you are writing your autobiography, whether you are putting pen to paper in a journal or not. Every action, every word, every minute spent–all are a part of your history as soon as they come from you. And people are reading you….

So, what kind of book is yours going to be? A tragedy? A drama? A comedy? Probably our lives entail all of those at one time or another, but what would characterize your life overall?

I want to encourage you to think twice before saying that impulsive thought that might be a bit judgmental or harsh–so that you leave good text with that recipient. Think twice before spending your time with mindless pursuits that leave you emptier–so that you then choose to put other people in the priority slots of time. Think twice before posting that picture on social media that is off-color and shows disrespect–so that others can still be influenced by the goodness of your heart and not turned away.

Yesterday’s script is written, and unfortunately, there are no erasers for bad decisions. You can, however, be the hero in your story by asking forgiveness and making it right, which ups people’s respect for you. Tomorrow’s script has yet to be penned. Be a best-seller!



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