by Paul Casey

You are the Pace Car for Someone

pace carI don’t know too much about NASCAR, to be honest, but I can see why the start of the race is met with anticipation. All the cars are lined up two-by-two, pole positions have been established, and there is one car out front going fairly slowly that the other two dozen cars impatiently follow for a lap until the flag drops. This pace car then peels off into the pit area, and the gentlemen (and lady) put the pedal to the metal and start racing.

What is the purpose of the pace car? It keeps everyone in line until they are allowed to go it alone.

Can you see the leadership analogy already? If you have anyone following you, you’re a leader–at home, at work, in the community. You then are the pace car. And someone is in line behind you with their eyes on you–always. He/she has his/her foot hovering on the gas pedal reading to accelerate and follow your example.

What kind of example are you providing for them to model? Hopefully, one of integrity, empowerment, a solid work ethic, and compassion. You are setting the tone for your team, and “your walk talks louder than your talk talks.” By your followers imitating you, would you be proud–or cringe?

Someday, you’ll peel off into the pit stop, and you’ll no longer have direct influence in their lives. If you lead intentionally, you’ll have nothing to fear when they are released to race because you’ve set them up for success.


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