by Paul Casey

You are Mentally Healthy If….

ALONE-BUT-happy-57155…you can maintain a healthy balance between being with others and being alone.  Well, it’s just one indicator, but it’s important.

Oftentimes, a person feels like they have to surround themselves with people in order to feel OK about themselves–so they chase others for self-affirmation, and it can border on co-dependency. OR, a person can turn into a hermit and spend an inordinate amount of time in isolation, missing out on the community God intended each of us to experience.

Friend/family/community time is good for our emotional health and wholeness. They can encourage us, be a sounding board for us, resource us, and give us potential opportunities to dish out the love inside of us. And, we need time to be alone with ourselves without noise, becoming reflective about how we are feeling, where we are going, who we are becoming–in order to self-correct toward the vision we have for ourselves to make a difference in the world.

Are you in balance right now, or do you need the teeter-totter to shift a bit one direction?


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