by Paul Casey

You are a Power-Broker

powerYou give away your power when you begin to believe someone else is responsible for your happiness or unhappiness.”

You are a power-broker. I’m not saying you are into power and lording over people and all that. I AM saying that you are a powerful person when it comes right down to it. There is power in what you say to those around you–you can crush someone’s spirit with a tactless comment or flippant phrase that dishonors your loved ones, or you can “em-power” your family and work colleagues with words of affirmation, validation, and hope. You are also powerful when behaving in a way that goes along with your strengths and values.

But you will be power-less if you talk yourself out of your power in your thinking patterns. One of those ways to sabotage yourself is by putting others in the power-position for your own happiness, emotional stability, personal development, and dream-pursuits. Telling yourself “she makes me mad” or “if it weren’t for his doing that…” gives that other person control of your emotions and puts you one-down in that relationship, limiting your power and growth.

Regain the power to be the maturing, responsible adult that you are by making daily decisions to lead the life YOU want to lead, not living out someone else’s script. Then use your power in such a way that influences those around you to bring out their best selves, to spread more love to others, which makes this world a better place.


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