by Paul Casey

You? A Catalyst for Peace and Prosperity?

peaceandprosperityAbsolutely!  You have the power and opportunity every day to be a catalyst for peace and prosperity in others’ lives. No, you don’t have to be a motivational speaker, hand out buckets of money, or join the Peace Corp to do it. Being a game-changer for another’s life can be done in the little things of everyday living.

To be a peacemaker, you don’t run away from conflict, but you move toward it, seeking to get to the bottom of the issue to begin the process of reconciliation. You become a good listener so others have a place to pour out their hearts into a safe receptacle. You help others find the bright side of difficult situations, and calm emotions with soft answers and seeking to understand through empathy.

To help others prosper, you become a resource for getting them unstuck in their current situation. You lead them to “water” so they can “drink deep” of what they are needing the most for personal success. You are generous with your time, talents, and treasure, blessed to be a blessing.

I love that word catalyst. Seek to be that growth-agent in people’s lives, and it will someday boomerang back onto yours when one of those catalysts gives you that peace or prosperity nugget that takes your life to the next level.


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