by Paul Casey

Yes, You MUST Be Creative

leftbrain_rightbrain1Originality and creativity are essential to personhood.” –John Eldredge

So, we know that the right brain is the creative side, and the left brain is our logical side, right? And that all of us tend to lean toward one side or the other, though both sides are tapped all day long. (Which side do you favor?)

I’d like to encourage you today to utilize your right brain more often than you do now if you want to define your identity, to grow to new heights, and to influence more people (and to stand out from the crowd). How?

1. Try to do something new every month (at least–every week preferred). This broadens your experiences, stretches you out of comfort zones, and makes you a more fascinating and confident person to hang around.

2. Make something every month. Try a new recipe, put your art or photography on canvas, develop a new system at work, make a new friendship. The act of creating is not only simply fun, but it adds spice the normal routine of your life that can be boring.

3. Reinvent yourself regularly. This can be as simple as finding new routes to drive  home, getting a new hair color, pursuing a social justice cause more deeply, or denying yourself a vice that is holding you back from your goals. It’s invigorating!

A life-coach can help bring out your creativity that has lain dormant for far too long. And, in the meantime, right-brain it this weekend!


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