by Paul Casey

Who and What are your Life-Shapers?

As I reflected back on last year, I noticed that there were some pivotal people and experiences that either encouraged me, opened doors for me, or taught me something that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. I’d encourage you to also reflect on these catalytic people and circumstances so that you don’t lose the personal growth from them.

For example, A.G. helped me be more of who I am, gave me startup-business advice, and was a truth-teller in my life. Having a life-coach R.K. kick-started me to get certified as a life-coach and officially start my Growing Forward business. I.M. brought out my creative side when we’d partner on a project. Doing a book study with my son on 2 trips together brought us closer together in our faith. Taking a monthly day of reflection with God grounded me in my values and stimulated new ideas.

Willing to share (in generalities) one of yours, that has changed your life?


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