by Paul Casey

Which Type of Achiever Are You?

3796434173_5b675b314b_nOn the StrengthsFinder assessment one of my top strengths is Achiever, always wanting to get to the next level of excellence and go after new opportunities, scheduling my life toward productivity, reading every word of Success magazine (the magazine for achievers).

I realized that everyone is a type of achiever–some with positive consequences and others with negative consequences. Do a self-check and also think about those around you for who you want to become and not become:

  • Low achievers: They let life come to them and just deal with it reactively as it comes. No goals set. Very little growth from one year to the next. Low initiative.
  • High achievers: They always are pushing the envelope, taking on new duties and pursuing new opportunities around every corner. Usually have tons of goals in every category of their lives. Explosive growth.
  • Past achievers: They live in memories of the good-ole-days, when they were at the top of their game, resting in their previous achievements and accolades, hoping what brought them here will keep them here. Stagnant.
  • Future achievers: They have great potential based on experience and skills and are always hoping to get to the next level, living on “Someday Isle” (Brian Tracy): someday I’ll do what it takes to grow. Waiting for big break.
  • Under achievers: They have what it takes right now to knock it out of the park, but sadly are content to coast. Opportunities continue coming their way, but they let them drift on by. Just don’t want to exert the energy.
  • Over achievers: They are filled with unbounded enthusiasm and passion for every facet of life. They talk fast, fill up their calendars, and can overwhelm all those around them. Always on the brink of burnout.

Did you find yourself in the achiever continuum? Or a hybrid of some in this season of your life? This is a new week to choose which achiever you want to be, and then bring out your best self and live it out!

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