by Paul Casey

Which Direction Are You Pointing People?

sign-post1Like an invisible sign-post attached to your body, your actions and words are pointing those you influence somewhere.  Does that make you just shudder? It does me! I think we often forget we are always being watched: by our family, by our friends, by our social media friends, by our co-workers, by strangers in the community…

So, I believe we have an obligation to those people in our sphere of influence, instead of just thinking of ourselves as “white noise” to be ignored in their lives.  With each interaction, we have the opportunity to point them to many things that correspond with our values. To name a few:

  • Self-control when wanting to vent or react in anger
  • A greater purpose to the circumstance we are facing
  • Optimism/looking on the bright side of things
  • Kindness/compassion for those who are struggling

We often view the opposite sign-posts in people around us, and yes, once in a while in ourselves, too. Just this realization should me an internal motivator to live more mindfully of our behavior and words–to make them life-giving and not destructive. And who knows? It just might trigger a more positive response in the watchers of our lives.  Wanna be contagious (in a good way)?

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