by Paul Casey

Where Maturity is Found

“We pick people at the same level of immaturity as us.” –John Townsend

Of course, we want to be validated and accepted–core needs everyone has.  So, we gravitate to Yes-people in our lives who will give us approval for the choices we are making and the feelings we are feeling.  Makes sense.

But there is something better than just validation. There’s is stretching and growth! And, we need to hang around with people who can be growth-agents for us–people who will ask us tough questions out of love for our direction in life. People who will seek to bring out our very best self. And usually, these people are actually MORE mature than we are, with a bigger perspective, an objective perspective that can see the blind spots in us that we cannot.

Seek out those who are farther down the road of life than you, in the “wisdom” category; and give them permission to speak into your life. Then listen. Sift for the nuggets of truth and apply them every day. You will rise in your maturity, and be a growth agent in others’ lives–and the cycle will continue. Don’t settle for approval addiction!


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