by Paul Casey

Where Do I Find the Time to…

So, you need to get a priority into your schedule—be it exercise, think time, reading time, but you haven’t made the time (ahem–not found the time) to slot it in. Consider these times of day to regularly carve out time to finally make it happen—and then make it a recurring appointment with yourself:

  1. Bright and early? Successful people maximize their mornings before leaving for work. Could you get up 30-60 minutes earlier?
  2. On your breaks? Breaks are essential to stay sharp all day long with energy-battery-charging time.  Could you use one in the morning or one in the afternoon?
  3. At lunch? Midday is a great time to push away from work and do something unrelated.  Eat for half the time and then insert your priority?
  4. On the way home from work? A good recipe for work-life balance is to transition well from one to the other with a regular ritual.  Can you go somewhere between work and home to get ‘er done?
  5. Before bed? If you get a 2nd wind in the evening after family, dinner, and chill time, this might just be the window to do it.  Can it be a part of your wind-down time before sleeping?
  6. On the weekend? It’s a baby-step, but you’ll get it in twice a week when you are in a different routine. Block out a chunk every Saturday and Sunday?

Now’s the time to start that healthy habit. Decide where in your day you are going to start it, begin today—and you’ll keep Growing Forward!

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