by Paul Casey

What You Starve, Dies

tombstoneYou have probably heard the advice: “Whatever you feed, grows.” It refers to whatever you want more of in your life, whatever you want to expand/get bigger, you must give it fuel like time and attention.

Now let’s look at the opposite of that statement: “Whatever you starve, dies.” This can have positive and negative ramifications.

On the positive side, if you are trying to diet in January like so many people, you must not let forbidden foods be anywhere near you. As you have lived out: if it’s there, you eat it. So, it’s great to starve from junk food that gets you farther away from your healthy weight goals. Or maybe there’s another bad habit that you want to break. Don’t let thoughts of that destructive behavior consume you. When you start longing to fall back into that rut, you must assertively fill your brain with a constructive thought instead and pursue an alternative action.

On the negative side, if you starve a relationship, it also will die. Sadly, many do, out of neglect. People run past each other instead of getting into each other’s worlds with question-asking, caring, listening, and scheduling quality time just to connect. Without those actions, people drift apart and “lose that lovin’ feelin’.” If you starve your hobbies or worship of God or time in solitude, those life-giving elements of life will also begin to fade and potentially die. Take time to prioritize what will bring you joy and fulfillment, or you know the days and weeks will pass and never make it onto your calendar.

What needs to starve and die for you, to rid yourself of things dragging you down? And what must not starve and die because it’s just too important to a live well-lived to not feed it plenty of time and nurturing?

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