by Paul Casey

What Made Me Cry Last Week

hostageI started crying right there on the elliptical. I don’t know what came over me a few weeks ago when I was watching the news while exercising in the morning. They were showing how a hostage situation was playing out in an Australian café.

The images of hostages being set free, running to the safety of heavily-clad police SWAT teams with hands raised, hit me in the heart. The relief on their faces of being so close to death at the hand of a madman, then being allowed to escape, was so apparent in the photos and video. And my tears fell. I was so happy that no hostage was hurt nor killed.

And then I reflected, “Why am I so emotional about this?” And I got it. I’m all about helping others get to freedom. Freedom from fear, freedom from rejection, freedom from distractions, freedom from addictions, freedom from procrastination, freedom from oppression…. As a coach, I hear stories of stuck people, hostages to some inner/outer force that is holding them down. And those that know they cannot overcome on their own call me for help–and my job is to do my very best to open up options for them to consider and then actively make a plan to run toward their freedom goal. And I love that.

Are you still in your own Australian café, being a victim of your circumstances? It doesn’t have to stay that way any longer. Shoot me an email for an appointment (phone or live), and let’s strategize a way to a more abundant life at home or at work.


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