by Paul Casey

What God Does–What I Must Do

Joshua 24 talks about God’s role in my life: He takes, leads, multiplies, gives, lets us have, sends, hits us hard, leads us out, brings us to, fights for us, destroys enemies, saves us from, does our work for us sometimes, hands us….

Then in verse 14, we have but one role: “So now, fear God. Worship Him in total commitment“.

Wow, look at the difference! And we say, I don’t feel like God is doing anything! Instead we must be so grateful, so intensely grateful for what He is doing for me, literally waging war in the unseen spirit world on our behalf. I must simply choose to be His chess piece, willing to be moved by Him, the Master, to play the role designed for me in this world and through my prayers, as He conquers on the grander battlefield. It’s an honor to be enlisted in His service, and now we must follow our orders in the mission put before us (our little part of the world).

Reporting for duty, My King!


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