by Paul Casey

What Expectations Your Team Needs You to Set

Your team needs clarity to be successful–and to avoid unnecessary conflict. Some of those areas are:

  • The parameters of their role: re-look at their job description together to assure they are doing what you need that role has been designed to accomplish. This can also prevent job description creep where tasks get added unofficially.
  • What a ‘win’ looks like: Success is more likely when people know it when they see it. What makes it a good work day/excellent interaction with a customer/quality report? Get aligned on greatness.
  • The values of the culture: Core values are “how” employees are to treat internal/external customers every day. Make sure these are visible and still are evaluated against them as a standard.
  • Communication response time: How quickly do you want the team to return emails/phone calls or to follow-up with people? Without an expectation, people default to “whenever.”
  • Meeting participation: Assure you have ground rules that define what punctuality, preparation, discussion/candor, and accountability are the norm.
  • Work hours: Unwritten expectations aren’t fair to hold teammates to. What hours must they be there? What does flex time mean? What does “until the job gets done” mean? Workaholics and slackers become the extremes without clear guidelines.

Don’t go another day without erasing some fuzziness and confusion on your team’s faces. Set clear expectations so that everyone can keep Growing Forward!  Have you explored my web site for free tips, tools, quotes, and blogs for your leadership development? Also consider picking up a copy of my new book Leading the Team You’ve Always Wanted.



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