by Paul Casey

What are the Springs in Your Life?

spring-water-wallpaper-1280x800-0314If you’ve ever hiked to a mountain spring, you know the sight of fresh water bubbling up and gushing out. It just screams refreshment and nature’s best.  Similarly, take a walk around your own life right now and self-examine, “What are the fresh springs bubbling in my life? Where are the areas that are life-producing in others (and self) when I respond or take initiative?”

I did this self-coaching exercise last month in the quietness of a library, and here a few of mine:

  • Taking leadership in a new area of my job, as directed by my supervisor, in a strengths-based role.
  • Relationship-building in my 6-7 community connections groups
  • Adding more value to people via social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
  • Being a hope-speaker and positive force to my recovering-from-surgery wife
  • Receiving and embracing coaching/encouragement from a new mentor

Write down and share a few of yours–that’s where you are making the biggest impact! Then feed it some more!


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