by Paul Casey

Ways a Motivational Speaker Can Contribute to Your Company’s Success

The employee morale greatly affects business performance. In fact, 70% of employees in the US are lacking engagement – which is costing the workforce an estimated $450 – $550 billion in lost productivity. While there are numerous ways to boost an employee’s morale, trainings are found effective in motivating the workforce. Apart from your usual in-house trainings, getting a motivational speaker for a corporate event, for instance, is sure way to fire up excitement and energy into the business.

Helps in Employee Development

Investing in employee development is a sure way to increase their engagement and commitment. In fact, continuous learning is a good motivator for the employees. Here, training comes into picture. Leadership seminars, especially when given by a highly esteemed speaker, for instance, can help managers get a better perspective on proper employee handling. If your company requires topics to develop certain skills or habits, motivational speakers help do the job.

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Helps in Unlocking Employee Strength

Another benefit of having a motivational speaker for a corporate event is that it allows employees to discover their strengths. Probably, a two to three-hour seminar is just what your company needs for employees to finally realize the things they need to do to achieve their personal and professional goals. The more that management values and recognizes these strengths, the more employees strive to be part of a winning team.

Promotes a Positive Environment

For a motivational speaker to be effective, they need to be relatable. Fortunately, professional speakers are trained to bring endless real life stories and examples to humor your employees. They can help stir positivity and teamwork amongst the employees. Employees will be more ready to reach out to coworkers or supervisors while managers would be more confident in delegating tasks and responsibilities. The better communication there is in the workplace, the higher the engagement of the employees are, and greater the chances are for your company’s success.

Gives a New Perspective

As motivational speakers are outside the daily processes of your company, their topics gives the employees a new perspective on things. It can inspire an influx of new ideas your team needs to push the business. Also, trainings give employees a feeling of being supported. It’s key to keep your employees feel invigorated and eager to excel in any given task.

An experienced speaker in Washington can help inspire your employees to be better versions of themselves. They can help employees discover and utilize strengths, identify and reach goals as well as promote teamwork and organization. Hiring a motivational speaker and life coach like Paul Casey from Growing Forward can be a great way to boost company morale.


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