by Paul Casey

Vision Check-up

eye examSo, I just returned from my annual eye exam. I very much dislike this appointment because of how sensitive my eyes are–and that air puff test? Well, I failed it.  As I drove away, after getting the report from my doc, I quickly saw a parallel for the physical vision check-up to a self-leadership check-up.

I am near-sighted, and need glasses for seeing far away.  Sometimes we all get a little near-sighted and only seeing what is right in front of us, getting carried along by the busyness tsunami–reactive in our scheduling, responses, and decisions. It is important to live in the present, AND it is important to get far-sighted as well, seeing down the road for how to incorporate your life goals, dreams, and values more intentionally into your life. And that takes time to calendar those priorities. So, there is a balance of both that is needed.

Do you need some priority corrective lenses adjusted this Holiday season and into the new year?


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