by Paul Casey

View from the Ground

“In our hurt lies the source of our healing. The bird with the broken and mended wing soars the highest. Where you stumble and fall, there you find the treasure.” –Sam Keene

God will use this exact pain you are feeling right now to make you an overcomer and a healer of others. Without this pain, you never would have learned what you know now–never would have the experience-well to draw deep truth from.  There’s a bunch of great counselors out there who have been deeply wounded in their pasts, and want to comfort others as they have been comforted.  Adversity, though we want to resist it at all costs, makes us stronger, like the broken bone that heals stronger than it was before.  What we must do is fall forward, grieve the loss and then look around at what God wants us to see from that different perspective–on the ground–instead of taking too long nursing the wound. We truly might be able to tell others about what we tripped over.


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