by Paul Casey

Two are Better Than One

lonerLoners. Hermits. Mavericks. Isolaters. “One is too small a number to achieve greatness,” John Maxwell says, and although every one of us can make a significant impact in our circle of influence, we are either standing on the shoulders of those who developed us, or we are doing it with some assistance from another person. Alone, we can only go so far.

So many lyrics of songs that say “Nobody wants to be alone.” And it’s true, because we aren’t wired by God to go through life and its challenges/joys alone. We are meant to grow in community. Heal in community. Rejoice in community. Impact the world in community.

Wise Solomon said, “Two are better than one.”  Whether that is cleaning up a mess, mentoring a youth, or championing a cause, the impact multiplies when you bring people along with you. And that takes intentionality. We tend to gravitate into our own caves. You and I must leave our comfort zone to include others. And the result is that we get benefits from rowing oars together, and they get benefits of being included on something significant. Everyone wins!

So, the onus is on you. Will you come out of your cave and develop a relationship or include someone on the “outside” so that you and they win?



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