by Paul Casey

Time to Fill Your Flask and Get Going

In I Samuel 16:1, God says to the prophet Samuel after he keeps grieving the loss of God’s blessing on King Saul: “So, how long are you going to mope….? You know I’ve rejected him….Fill your flask….and get going.”

How often do we get stuck in some emotion (fear, sadness, anger, etc.) to the point that it paralyzes us and renders us ineffective for the ones we love or work with or for service for God?  God wants us to grieve and He also says that there is a limit to grieving a loss. “Acceptance” is the place to get to, emotionally (and sometimes we need others’ help to get there). Once there, we can ask God to “fill our flasks” with good stuff and the power to move on in victory to a “new day.”  He wants us to get going, not stay immobile. Only then can we fulfill the mission on this earth that He has called us to do.


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