by Paul Casey

The Measure of a Person

A man is only a man when he measures himself against something more universal than the morality of his time.”  –Sam Keene

Man (or woman), what is your measuring stick for who you are and what you want to become? To utilize a quote from Nazi Holocaust survivor Corrie tenBoom (my words in quotes), “If you look inside, you’ll get depressed (we are hard on ourselves, feel like failures because we fall short so often of the ideal we want to be); if you look around, you’ll be distressed (yeah, we might behave better than some, but the standard around us is a low one at best, and all that pain we see doesn’t do much to get us going); but if you look up at God, you’ll be at rest (for focusing only on striving to please Him leads to joy and peace; and it’s a standard that doesn’t move).”


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