by Paul Casey

The Imposter Within You

Every one of us has a false self, an imposter that presents itself to defend against pain. We think that it’s our best choice in the moment, but it actually detracts from becoming more of who we truly are.

For some, it’s throwing out a funny comment or talking so much as to put up a smoke screen and deflect how we really feel. For others, it’s silence that doesn’t put our opinion in play–stuffing them instead. For others, it’s running away or not showing up–avoidance or going “dark” as to not show weakness. What’s your imposter default?

Instead, put your authentic self on display every day–the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Everyone is going through a hard journey; everyone has weaknesses and makes mistakes; everyone needs help to thrive. That doesn’t disqualify you from succeeding at the game of life. It’s actually an attractive quality, drawing more “real” people to you than your imposter-self does.

Just be you today! The world needs your contribution!

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