by Paul Casey

The Best Leaders (Spouses; Friends; Etc.)…

leader helping a followerDo these supportive things for those they lead and/or care about:

1. Help prevent you from stumbling. If they see that you are on a path for tripping up, they speak up and caution you against a course that would harm you or your future.

2. Send reinforcements. With the resources at their disposal, they point you to other sources that support your pursuits or ways to help you get unstuck.

3. Meet your specific needs. If you need time/attention/an ear to listen, or if you need a wise word, or a helping hand, they meet you right where you are with what you need.

4. Celebrate your efforts. They notice where you are sacrificing to make something awesome happen, and cheerlead your progress.

5. Help you be the best version of you. They aren’t a YES-person, but a truth-teller in your life to help refine you and help you live according to your values.

You will feel incredibly fulfilled when you do these 5 things to light up those around you!


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