by Paul Casey

The 4 Types of Friends You Must Have

4 Types of Friends You Need (from When Men Think Private Thoughts):

1. Ambassadors: walk through life with you enjoy the ride…discovers life…shares laughs..talks about what reading, what issues facing, what questions you are asking….shares hopes for the future, feelings, fears, dreams…

2. Lift attendants: looks deeply and spots need…knows you well…sets out to make sure friend receives what is needed…frequent expressions of appreciation/encouragement/inquiry…a friendship going both directions

3. Ski instructors: have something to teach you because they are better at, more knowledgeable about, something than you are…someone to follow and emulate…mentor…unafraid to rebuke…quick to elevate your sights

4. Ski patrol members: looks out for your best interests…holds you accountable…warns you of danger spots…throws bombs into dangerous places if necessary….comes after you when there’s a disaster

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