by Paul Casey

Thatching Your Life

thatching-babylon-landscapingWhen I drove by someone thatching their lawn a few weeks ago, I saw the sweat on their brow and the big pile of dead grass in a heap behind them. I’ve thatched a lawn before, and it’s simply very hard work to do manually.

There is only one reason you would undergo such a laborious task: because you want to see your lawn healthy. That’s the vision that leads you to rip out the dead stuff that constricts the good grass from growing strong.

What about thatching your life? Yeah, I mean self-evaluating what habits you are continually doing that restrict your personal and professional growth.  You either know what they are (are self-aware and haven’t committed to addressing them yet) or everyone else around you knows what they are (and you humbly need to ask them for feedback).

Thatching your life is making and announcing a decision to stop doing something unhealthy (and, yes, it will be laborious for a while) and start doing something healthy in its place–or else you’ll default back to old habits.  Isn’t it time to get the pointy rake out and get rid of the old?


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