I want my team to grow!

Growing Forward Services with Paul Casey can customize your team-building experience to be a growth catalyst for any business or organization.

Team Building

Through Team Building workshops, Growing Forward Services will take time to get to know organizational leaders and the dynamics of their teams as he evaluates and then identifies the communication skills and values that need reinforcement.  Paul works closely in partnership with participants to customize a creative and interactive experience that caters to a teams’ needs and business objectives. The end goal is to produce for an organization an enduring vision and stronger relationships. It’s all about relationship building!

Team Conflict Resolution

Team conflict resolution works by having Paul Casey talk with each employee of an organization’s team to learn their unique perspectives and determine how tensions arose.  He will then meet with an organization’s core leadership team “to write a prescription” for team health that might include facilitated three-way conversations, team building activities, or performance improvement plans.

This conflict resolution process requires all parties to be committed to the common purpose of team unity for the betterment of the organization.

Team Health Exploration

Similar to an annual health check-in with a doctor, Paul D. Casey conducts regular health check-ins with an organization’s team to conclude what is going well and what areas need improvement. He then recommends changes that should be made for the sake of an organization’s optimal health.

After the interviews are completed, Paul meets with team members and their leadership to share his recommendations that are based on his interview findings. Paul taps into his extensive experience working with other teams to offer recommendations designed to make work cultures more positive and to bring greater system efficiencies to an organization.

Culture Drives Your Business

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