by Paul Casey

Stop Investing in Dead Things

cemeteryDid that title catch your attention? I hope so, because I think we all occasionally invest in things that are dead or dying–and it’s a wasted return on investment (ROI)!  There are the people that drain life from us, work tasks that are simply busywork, large blocks of time spent on “screens” (TV, video games, mindless web-surfing, non-intentional social media), goals/plans that are not working despite best efforts, trying to please an unpleasable person/boss/culture, etc.

Time is so precious, and it can never be taken back. Treat it as sacred, not throw-away. Every minute can be used intentionally–even if you are intentionally relaxing!

I’d encourage you to instead invest in things that lead to productive personal growth. Learning experiences and materials, quality relationships going to the next level, specific goals that get you closer to your dream, trying something new to expand your horizons. It is within your power to make changes and alter your patterns that are putting you in a cul-de-sac (Seth Godin’s term) with no way out.

Get real with yourself about what’s dead or dying. Shift your energy away from it. New life might spring up twice as fast by investing in what has greater potential for your future.


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