by Paul Casey

Sooner or Later

Most of us HATE confronting people! Don’t you agree? We’d rather push it under the rug, take it on the chin, walk on eggshells–than get the elephant in the room on the table for discussion and resolution. (Wow, that was a lot of colloquialisms in one sentence!)

But, of course, we know, it only makes us sit in the pain longer. The scab keeps ripping off, and it consumes our limited emotional energy–especially as we talk about to everyone else except the person we are struggling with.

Confronting issues sooner causes pain in the short-run (just getting up the courage to bring it up takes a ton of courage!), but also forces the issue that is causing long-term pain for you/others.  You can’t get to resolution without the conversation!  It won’t “just go away” over time.

What do you need to handle sooner than later? Need prayer for it? I’m happy to pray for you!


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