by Paul Casey

So, I Have This Habit…

bad habit personDo you want to break a bad habit? You know, the one that you feel ashamed about, the one you wouldn’t post on Facebook or wouldn’t want broadcast in church. The one that makes you feel like a victim and not your true self.

Here’s a bunch of ways to starting breaking that habit, and feeling great to finally be free of it. Do the ones that work for you.

  • Stop cold turkey. Today’s the day. No more.
  • Avoid “trigger people.” These are people that you have done the bad habit with, or they pressure you to continue it.
  • Avoid “trigger situations.” These are environments where you fall back into the bad habit because it’s so easy.
  • Have a Plan B and Plan C. So, when you’re tempted, and your willpower is fading, you need some extra resistance.
  • Slowly phase it out. If “withdrawal” scares you, maybe the gradual approach is for you: a little less each week until NO
  • Replace it with a hobby: Breaking a habit doesn’t have to be all No-fun. When tempted, choose a fun alternative.
  • Set a phone reminder: a positive message that reminds you of your WHY every day, to live healthier
  • Tell your commitment to others: words have power and often some accountability power to not have to report failure
  • Hang with positive people: find encouragers who are FOR your success in this quest, and they’ll cheerlead you
  • Make it difficult to relapse: create obstacles that make it inconvenient to reach for the bad choice and forget it

So, there you go. Time for full-court press against that destructive habit that is eating your lunch. You can do it! It starts now.

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